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moonpride replied to your post “So I was playing fire emblem like y’know and I made a female character and set out to marry gaius. At the end of the storyline I was forced to marry chrom which is exactly what I didn’t want to happen. Any ideas for emotional support to overcome this?”

i cannot stop marrying chrom i know how not to marry him but i cant stop i keep getting swayed by his powerful children i hate myself i cant stop will i ever know real love


there is no escape


Just out of curiosity, who has been in the tumblr Hetalia fandom long enough to remember the last World Cup and blogs like aph-headcanons (the original where the headcanons were posted with pictures, not littleaphheadcanons) and hetaliaconfessions and hetalia-etiquette? Or the big meme phase where we posted stuff like this?


Or even better, who’s been in it long enough to remember when the livejournal comm had several pages of updates per day?

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